Donna Karan’s New Brand Urban Zen

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Donna Karan’s New Brand Urban Zen


In the beginning of this year, Donna Karan made the decision to terminate her partnership with LVMH, and in doing so has left two of her businesses behind – Donna Karan International and DKNY – and has been focusing her full attention on her new company Urban Zen.

When you enter the company’s website, you are greeted with the slogan, “Urban Zen – A Philosophy of Living by Donna Karan,” and Karan herself described Urban Zen to Fortune Magazine as a “lifestyle brand that is interested in both philanthropy and commerce.” Home decor, clothing, accessories, beauty products and more are available online, along with access to the philanthropic side of the company. The Urban Zen Foundation focuses on supporting the preservation of cultures, the integration of holistic methods into healthcare, and collaborating with existing organizations to provide education and empowerment to children around the world.

In accordance with agreements Karan made with LVMH when the conglomerate purchased Donna Karan International and DKNY, Karan’s new brand Urban Zen can only go forward so long as it remains a high-end, luxury brand, and not compete with the customer base of DKNY. So far, that hasn’t seemed to be an issue – with only three stores aside from the brand’s website, Urban Zen runs closer to a boutique than the powerhouses her previous brands were. Urban Zen boasts a tidy 25 employees, with Karan herself at the helm in the position of CEO, a position she did not hold in her two companies previously.


Donna Karan’s New Brand Urban Zen

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