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Men’s hairstyles for the wedding are an indispensable element of a successful image of the groom. Modern hairdressing offers many options for stylish hairstyles and hairstyles that emphasize the dignity of men and hide flaws. The right combination of men’s haircut and a suit is the key to a harmonious appearance, which will please not only the groom but also the bride.

Short and medium length hair is a universal option that doesn’t cause much trouble in laying. The following men’s wedding hairstyles can be distinguished depending on the proportions of the face and the structure of the hairline.

  1. Classic short hair

A classic short haircut with textures curls will give the image of masculinity and severity. This type of hairstyle doesn’t involve too much effort to make. Of all the men’s haircuts for a wedding, this option is best combined with a laconic wedding suit with a bow-tie or tie.

  1. Retro

Men’s retro haircuts returned to fashion again. At the wedding, it will be appropriate to look for a pompadour haircut. This haircut was a business card of Elvis Presley. The hair on the sides is smoothed, and the upper strands are combed and fixed with varnish, forming a crest. You can also choose a smooth gangster-style men’s styling from the 1960s with a side cut.

  1. Military

Men’s wedding haircuts in the military-style mostly are about carelessly sticking hair to the top of the head. To create this hairstyle, you simply should comb the hair from the roots at least with your spread fingers, and make it stand up with the help of special gel.

  1. Asymmetrical hair

Asymmetrical and short wedding hairstyles need proper styling, which is not easy to do on your own. Such a man’s haircut involves oblique bangs and asymmetry, which must be supported using strong fixation gels. In this case, it is better to contact the hairdressers. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, the hairstyle may deteriorate and ruin the whole picture.

What to do with long hair?

Unlike short, long hair, you will have to devote more time to create the right image for the wedding ceremony. It is not enough just to wash your hair, because the hairstyle must match not only the clothes but also the image of the future wife.To make sure that you will look perfect, consider the basic styling methods.

  1. Long hair

If you have a long lair, then to make your hair look more stylish, you need to collect the hair on the back of the head and fix it with an elastic band. The same principle creates a tight tail. By the way, both options are suitable for a classic wedding suit.

  1. Informal style

If you plan a wedding in an informal style, you can consider options with loose hair. For example, if you want to make your wedding ceremony look like some Slavic feast, then a thick beard and dense, long hair with a bandage on your forehead will do just fine. The image of the king from the Middle Ages can be created with curly thick hair, which also doesn’t need additional styling. Generally, if you want to have some unusual hairstyle, then be ready to use special gels a lot.

  1. Man Bun

This is one of the popular options for styling long men’s hair for a wedding. The upper strands are combed back and fixed, and the side ones remain loose. The beard will emphasize the originality of the image that you want to create.

To make the wedding hairstyle look perfect, it is necessary to take care of a healthy type of hair in advance. If necessary, then don’t be ashamed to conduct a series of wellness procedures for your health. The hair is the most important detail of a man’s style. And on your wedding day, you should look irresistible, because this is probably the most important day of your life.
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