Tranoï Paris March 2024: Emerging Voices & Future Trends

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The Tranoï Paris March 2024 event, held from February 28 to March 3, served as a dynamic showcase for the world’s most innovative and sustainable fashion brands. Highlighting everything from Berlin’s avant-garde designs to the rich traditions of Peru, this year’s exhibition forecasted a future of fashion that is diverse, inclusive, and deeply intertwined with our societal and environmental commitments.


Let’s delve into the highlights and stories behind 15 standout brands that captured our attention.


1. Dama Studio: Italian Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability

In the picturesque city of Bolzano, Italy, Dama Studio, named after the founder’s Chinese name, represents the epitome of sustainable luxury. With a commitment to local production and Italian craftsmanship, the brand introduces collections that celebrate contemporary femininity through sculptural forms and meticulous attention to detail.

2. Maridruna: Knitting a Better World

Serbia’s Maridruna is not just about creating beautiful, sustainable fashion; it’s about empowering women. Their collaboration with local artisans brings traditional wool crafts into the modern era, offering warmth, style, and soul.

3. AzaLea Italia: Reimagined Classics

Founded in 2020, AzaLea Italia blends classic style with modern flair, using recycled materials from luxury brands. Their clean, versatile lines speak to a chic, contemporary audience, proving that sustainability can indeed be stylish.

4. Susan Wagner: A New Silk Road

Peru’s Susan Wagner introduces the world to the sabo tree fiber, creating a ‘vegetable silk’ that’s as luxurious as it is eco-friendly. Their latest collection at Tranoï showcases this innovative material, blended with organic cotton, marking a significant step towards sustainable fashion.

5. W1P Studios: A Berlin Revolution

Emerging from Berlin just two years ago, W1P Studios challenges societal norms with collections that confront issues like toxic masculinity and burnout. Their genderfluid, size-inclusive lines prioritize sustainability, steering clear of synthetic materials in favor of zero-waste or biodegradable options. Their innovative design allows for adjustable garments, encouraging longevity and versatility across seasons.

6. Mimii: The Art of Color

Paris-based Mimii, known for its exuberant, handmade collections, has made waves from the Grammys to Paris Fashion Week. With a focus on unique, made-to-order pieces, Mimii champions a vibrant, comfortable aesthetic that’s caught the eye of international style watchers.

7. Amarena: Weaving Tradition into Modernity

Peru’s Amarena merges ancient techniques with modern sensibilities, creating bags that not only carry essentials but also stories and culture. Their commitment to natural materials and fair trade practices underscores a mission of sustainability and female empowerment.

8. ICXNNUE: Future Craft Bag

ICXNNUE stands at the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, creating fashion objects that challenge and redefine norms. Their pieces, a marriage of manual skill and 3D printing technologies, push the boundaries of fashion accessories.

9. Vanhu Vamwe: A Rebellion in Bag Design

With a philosophy of “One People,” Vanhu Vamwe is more than a brand; it’s a movement. By marrying cultural craftsmanship with modern innovation, they create handbags that are both playful and profound, while their philanthropic efforts empower women in marginalized communities.

10. Ana G.: Peruvian Elegance

Ana María Guiulfo’s brand, Ana G., is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Peru. Her collections, a harmonious blend of traditional influences and contemporary design, celebrate Peruvian heritage with vibrant prints and meticulous craftsmanship.

11. Don The Fuller: The Denim Innovators

Italy’s Don The Fuller has redefined denim with a focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, and a dash of Italian chic. Their collections for men and women offer a fresh perspective on denim, emphasizing quality and ecological responsibility.

12. Decata: A Legacy of Italian Textiles

Founded in 2022, Decata breathes new life into Italy’s rich textile tradition. With a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, their “Anna” reversible shirt symbolizes the brand’s innovative spirit and commitment to quality.

13. Psychedelic Overdose: From Darkness to Light

This Georgian brand transforms personal tragedy into vibrant fashion statements. Psychedelic Overdose’s collections stand out for their chic elegance and a story of resilience, proving that fashion can indeed be a force for healing and expression.

14. Kero Design: The Spirit of Peru

Kero Design draws on Peru’s rich heritage to offer alpaca and pima cotton pieces that are unique and of impeccable quality. Their commitment to traditional values and modern design creates timeless fashion that tells a story.

15. Dina Shaker: Tailoring Femininity

Since 2011, Dina Shaker has reimagined masculine wardrobe staples into feminine masterpieces from her Cairo-based studio. Utilising Egyptian cotton and linen, her brand deconstructs and redefines tailoring with timeless pieces that defy trends, embodying a blend of tradition and innovation.

A New Era of Fashion at Tranoï Paris 2024 was not just a fashion event; it was a declaration of the industry’s evolving consciousness. The brands showcased represent the future of fashion—one that honors our planet, our societies, and the myriad cultures that dress them. As we look forward to the trends these pioneers will set, one thing is clear: the future of fashion is bright, bold, and boundlessly creative.

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