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They say that appearances are a glimpse into that which is unseen. How you look tells people a lot about your personality, defining traits, and, most of all, the things you cherish. A dapper appearance reflects confidence in one’s abilities; it depicts the intention to leave a strong first impression and above all else, the ability to make a statement. Since it comes with so much oomph, looking good is something that requires effort and can be challenging at times.

The word “dapper” isn’t just used to define a man in a fine suit; it is a term that encompasses the ability of a guy to dress well, no matter what he’s wearing. With no feminine alternative for the word, being dapper means that a person keeps close tabs on fashion trends and adapts them in a way that can make heads turn. And while this is all well said, the actual art of looking dapper is extremely complex and, more importantly, requires a creative personal touch.

Intrigued? Well, here are some tips for you to embrace the term dapper in every sense of the word:


What constitutes a dapper outfit?

When most of us hear the word dapper, the first impression is of someone with a linen suit like Harvey Specter from the famous series SUITS. A sharp suit, complementing accessories, and those fine leather shoes. However, dapper dressing is not just about a three-piece suit. It’s much more than that! It’s about the most outstanding pairing and a stellar appearance. You can also look dapper with a jacket, dress shirt with the top button open, cotton pants, and boots. It’s all about exuding a particular vibe.

An attire that is considered dapper takes most people back to vintage dressing where men would adorn long coats and have a certain sharpness in their overall appearance. At the end of the day, it is all about the pairing. A high neck with a long coat and sneakers is equally as dapper as a polo shirt with dark chinos and loafers. The art lies in making it work and carrying it with flair. You can go to any length as long as you keep it elegant and classy.

On top of the primary apparel you choose to wear, your choice of accessories makes a statement too. A wristwatch, RayBan sunglasses, or a handkerchief, your call! What these little touches do is accentuate your appearance making you stand out from the crowd.


Your guide to dapper clothing

1 – Get your basics in order

Are you ready to embrace the dapper style? Your starting point needs to be a basic understanding of fashion. You need to begin by planning and creating a framework of what works with what. Randomly throwing pieces of clothing together will not get you there. You will need to perform proper research. Follow the right pages that show you what counts as dapper clothing. This is essential because without getting basic rights, you can mess everything up.


2 – Go through the items already in your wardrobe

Now that you have the roadmap and a destination in sight, it is time to start getting everything in order. Go through your existing wardrobe. There are chances that you’ll have a lot already in the closet. We all have our collections of polo and buttoned shirts. What you will be missing in most cases are the right pants and shoes to pair them with. Also, you must get rid of oversized stuff. Remember how Ryan Gosling goes about overhauling Steve Carrel’s dressing sense in Crazy, Stupid, Love? Yea, just like that.


3 – Find a good tailor

Fitting is a major part of a dapper outfit. Loose shirts, bell-bottom pants, and excessive folds on your suit can all spoil the look that you want to go for. The answer is to find yourself a John Wick-style tailor. Use the media and your contacts to locate a local tailor that can get it right for you. You want someone who can fitly alter your shirts, trousers, and jackets. Rather than going to a store where you might end up spending more for less, choose an independent tailor if you want to save money. These tailors tend to offer you a discount to sew a lot of clothes or even alter them to your liking. You’ll be surprised at the level of difference that a seasoned tailor can make once they start working their magic.


4 – Start with shoes and then move upwards

Sentence: It all starts with the shoes. Now that your existing wardrobe is sorted, you need to go out and look for new items, starting with shoes. In the words of Jimmy Choo himself, the right shoe is what makes everything different. There is a high probability that you will need to go out shoe shopping. The preferable choices? Loafers, oxfords, derby shoes, and wingtips. You don’t need to buy each and every one of these. However, the more, the merrier. Suede and leather are two of the best choices out there, including boots from Timberland, and they go with most apparel pairings. You get your shoes right, and everything else will fall in line. And from shoes, you start making your way up. Pants come next, followed by jackets and then shirts.


5 – The accessories are just as important as the clothing

There is not enough emphasis on this one. A combination of the right shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes is not enough unless you can add the right touches through the accessories. Start with your belt; go for something that is elegant and simple. Avoid those flashy buckles and weird snakes or dragons because they ruin the purpose. It is preferable that you only go with black and brown. Black will go with most of the clothes you have and brown is only for a selected batch of hues. Next, pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, ties, watches, and sunglasses will all go hand-in-hand with that dapper outfit.



We all know that appearances matter. They are your first impression, and as the old proverb goes, for most people, they are the last impression as well. Dressing dapper requires a certain sharpness, elegance, and subtlety on your part. All you need is a sound plan that starts with a proper fashion concept and then an analysis of your wardrobe. Get rid of the non-dapper items and replace them with amazingly fit items along with a selection of incredible shoes. Follow these simple steps, and you’re all set.

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