Tina Lobondi talks to Catwalk Yourself

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Tina Lobondi talks to Catwalk Yourself

International designer Tina Lobondi appeared on the fashion scene over eight years ago. Her work focuses on exceptional consideration of detailed features and polished finishes. Her collections are elegant and sophisticated – timelessness being what the designer aims to present.


Credit @ Tina Lobondi

Lobondi has won a number of awards for her luxury Ready-to-Wear collections, which have gained recognition by widely recognized magazines such as Elle South Africa and Marie- Claire. Her work has also featured in LOOK Magazine, The British Soap Awards, OK magazine and attracted the likes of celebrities such as Thandie Newton.

Her latest La femme collection has gained her a place in a preview at the June La Boite International and at London Fashion Week’s Private showcase. Having also displayed her work at Holland’s Fashion Week, it seems Lobondi’s aim to celebrate women from around the world is fast becoming a reality.


Credit @ Tina Lobondi

In an interview with the talented designer, I had the great opportunity to ask her about her journey into the fashion industry.

O: Hello Tina, how are you?

T: Hey Otilia, I am fine thank you very much.

O: I would like to find out about your way into the fashion industry, so when did you start considering becoming a designer?

T: I’ve always considered that because when I was in primary school I used to draw a lot and all my drawings were people. I used to write stories as well but with illustrations, I guess it came from there.

O: What inspired you to become a designer?

T: I grew up around very fashionable women, my grandmother was very classy and she always liked to look elegant. Maybe being around these types of women inspired me, I guess it’s just something that came naturally.


Credit @ Tina Lobondi

O: What differs from you and other designers?

T: I think that I have managed to create an identity, in the first year, people started to identify my dresses. You know its Tina because she does a lot of deep cuts.  To me, when I go to a store, I don’t feel like this is my competition, I enjoy garments; I like to see what others are doing.  I don’t want people to buy things that they only have the opportunity to wear once.

O: What inspired your latest collection?

T: Before La Femme, I did au cinema, which was showcased in South Africa and it did very well, I just wanted to continue with the vibe. To have a continuity of Au Cinema and the fashion icons that I love and admire.


Credit @ Tina Lobondi

O: Who is your target customer?

T: To me, it’s definitely hardworking women.  It varies because we have an international audience. My audience are women who know their style and those who like to have things that are unique and that they cant find anywhere else. This is also why I produce in small quantity to keep that for the clients.

O: And finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

T: In 10 years still exclusive, but we will have a larger range and have access around the world selling garments and accessories. I hope that I will have my store in Congo and start producing in Congo and to own a factory would be great.

Tina Lobondi’s La femme Collection is available online and in stores across London, Paris and New York.

Tina Lobondi

Credit @ Tina Lobondi

Tina Lobondi talks to Catwalk Yourself


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