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Somewhere between the back seat of a Bentley, legendary hotels and the dressing rooms of high brow theaters there is the voice of a Louboutin high heel.

The Warhol and Kandinsky of shoes, Christian Louboutin uses the female foot as a canvas, to construct the world’s most daring and ornate of decorations upon soprano stilettos. Glamour is an understatement. Art maybe an insult. The craft of a Louboutin shoe is a grand statement. And there is no such experience in placing a Louboutin on your sole and being fearless. With rebellious heights up to 160mm and adorned with collage materials from fake eyelashes and sequence to diamonds and metal with foundations from leather and strass to satin, Louboutinshoes are for experts.

So why wouldn’t the red-soled fashion symbol of “I’ve Arrived” be highly sought after by celebs, fashionistas, sex kittens and, oh charlatans like perhaps Yves Saint Laurent? Spurred by trademark infringement by YSL over the Louboutin red sole, counterfeiters were who the design-cult crispin sought out in his campaign against fake Louboutin shoes initiated last Spring, The act went worldwide with the site which goes gladiator on condemning the international sales of fake shoes, including video footage and frequent updates on the seizure and destruction of shoes, factories and retailers in the fake Louboutin business.

This effort to retain prize property has undoubtedly aided in the exclusivity of the Christian Louboutin brand. And as Spring emerges, Louboutin unbolts his castle to his latest collection of jewels, further emphasizing the vindication of value, and the edge for female empowerment by the grace of a high heel. With special guests, Peep Lady, Make-Up Trash, Unzip Booty, You You Crepe & Highness Tina, a Louboutin Spring stands tall and nothing shy of ornamentation. For full Louboutin experience and locations, including his latest openings in New York and Turkey, visit


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Written by Angela Gleason

Angela Gleason, graduated in Advertising from San Francisco's Academy of Art University, she rocks the international world on creative fronts as a dedicated slash girl: visual designer / soundsavant / writer / glam lush, for the story beyond the surface. Angela looks after the Catwalk Yourself blog.

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