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At first sight, an Amy Glenn piece may seem hazardous. Then you look closely, beyond the penetrating hardware of precious metals and industrial materials, and a sacredness emerges in the form of tribal royalty caressing your love for human decor.

Catwalk Yourself“The glamorous aspect of dark, the noble, the elegant, not necessarily the wound of dark, yet that too, is bound by the other.” Where darkness and revelation meet, a rare primitive opulence comes forward enabling onlookers to experience the craft in its final phase when the artist steps back to pause and say “that’s it.” This is the romance between creator and wearer – which, for Amy, is more of a romance with the metaphysical world. And although objects reside on the surface, a piece of jewelry or a garment that which wraps itself around us, can live deeper than the material itself, breathing layers of storytelling and character elements while serving as a small but integral part of the human experience. Amy Glenn dives deep into intellectual mysticism, beyond the fronts of aesthetic pronunciation to deliver an almost esoteric world within each individual accessory and clothing piece. “With my work I choose to produce by hand because I feel it offers the one who wears a sense of belonging to the purpose for its being made, everything has meaning.”

With a business degree and a decade of work in the entertainment industry, Pt. Reyes native (Northern California) and L.A.- based Amy Glenn is braced for a new chapter in adornment, “Last year, I committed to my line, creatively completely.” So far, Amy has quietly turned heads and lens as her distinct pieces find their way into a generation of transgressive poetry and glamour lushes. Last month, Amy’s trademark Shield Ring featured in Vogue US on model Natalia Vodianova in “Something Has It All”,  with photographer Mario Testino. Previous appearances include a feature during L.A. Couture 2012, a Lenny Kravitz shoot in late 2011, and recurring blog coverage through Italy, France and New York.

Catwalk Yoourself             Catwalk Yoourself                       Catwalk Yoourself

And as she continues to grow with the organic effects of triple dying, sun-drying cottons in her clothing, as with the magnetism of hunter-gatherer body ornaments, Amy stays dedicated to her very sound influences from minimalism to natural energy, “Inspiration comes from silence, from observing the architecture of the mind. Inspired by opposites and compliments, the hard and the soft, closeness and distance, what can be heard and what is silent. “To capture more of the work and world of madame Glenn, enter her pixel hub online to see the beginnings of her projects through global cultural elements of art, history, and landmark creativity.

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Written by Angela Gleason

Angela Gleason, graduated in Advertising from San Francisco's Academy of Art University, she rocks the international world on creative fronts as a dedicated slash girl: visual designer / soundsavant / writer / glam lush, for the story beyond the surface. Angela looks after the Catwalk Yourself blog.

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