The 5 Items You Need To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Winter

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As winter speeds towards us, and temperatures continue to plummet, it is once again that time of year to crack out all of your cold weather clothing. But are your winter options starting to look a little drab after being tucked away for so many months? If you’re wondering how to spice up your seasonal style, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as hard as you may think! With just a few little updates, you’ll be looking on trend and super chic without needing to compromise on your comfort in the process.


Leather Pants

Leather is a staple when it comes to the chillier months. The fabric is usually found in the eternally stylish jacket, seen in many different popular cuts from the biker to the blazer; but this season, it’s time to bite the bullet and purchase yourself a pair of leather pants if you want to add a little extra edge to your everyday wardrobe. If you’re hoping to shop online for your leather look this year, purchase through ASOS to earn Qantas points as you shop. So, not only will you be looking cool during the cold months, but you’ll also be helping yourself get to your next holiday, one item at a time.

Although leather pants can often be associated with evenings, this season it’s been revamped to match your daytime looks as well. These trousers are just as versatile, if not moreso, than classic jeans. Style your leather pants with a white tank and a pair of sneakers for an effortless “model off-duty” style, or pair with a feminine blouse and a pair of slides for a softer take on the traditionally tougher piece. These pants can add edge to just about any outfit that you already have in your wardrobe, and on the flip side, can be softened by floatier, deconstructed silhouettes.


Oversized Outerwear

If you really want to stay warm this winter, this is the wardrobe update for you. This season, go big or go home, literally, with oversized coats and jackets. Whilst we’ve seen more fitted styles dominate chic streetwear for a while now, the layered look is well and truly back with a bang. An oversized coat adds both functionality and fashionable flair as it provides both warmth and the perfect opportunity for practicing the subtle art of layering.

Oversized outerwear looks great with slouchy styles underneath for a ‘cool girl’ vibe. That being said, oversized outerwear can also look fantastic with more structured pieces underneath to even out the proportions a little bit; this style tends to dress up the outerwear a little more.

To add even more structure to this slouchy style, opt for a piece with some more defined shoulder pads. This stops the style from looking too messy and instead ensures that it looks purposely large and oversized.


Pleated Skirts

For every girl who went to a school with a uniform, this style should be no stranger to you. This time around, however, the school girl classic is getting a cool girl update. Whether you’re a mini obsessive or a maxi lover, the only stipulation this season is that your skirt must have pleats.

The pleated skirt adds an element of elegance to your look, so you can play into that with either a midi or maxi length, a pair of great boots and a floaty blouse for a dinner-appropriate ensemble. You can also opt to make your look a little more preppy by pairing your pleated skirt with a sweater vest, Mary Jane heels, and a boxy blazer, for a modern update to the high school look.

The pleated skirt is one you’ll absolutely want in your wardrobe for its insane versatility and flattering cut. Bonus points if you find one in this season’s hottest print, which is tartan! Regardless of what kind of pleated skirt you’re able to find, rest assured that you’ll still be on trend and ready to strut down the streets like it’s your own personal runway.



Vests of all shapes and sizes have been dominating magazines, blogs and even just streets all over the world for several seasons now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. Find your favourite vest by trying out a few different styles.

The sweater vest is a preppy staple that can be paired over tees, blouses or alone, and instantly adds some more dimension, and warmth, to an otherwise simple look. Pair with a high necked block colour blouse, a mini skirt and some knee high boots for a chic 90s inspired ensemble.

Alternatively, a newer, but still highly popular cut, is the waistcoat-style vest. This version is a little less preppy and a little more elegant. This look is deconstructing the three-piece suit and making the waistcoat vest the star of the show. Style with a pair of slouchy trousers and chunky loafers for a masculine meets feminine hybrid, or wear with a long sleeve top, and a pleated maxi for a slightly more glamorous and put-together look.


A Long Boot

This season, the knee-high boot is back with a vengeance. Whilst ankle boots will always be a mainstay in most people’s wardrobes, you can step out of your comfort zone in style this season with a fabulous pair of long boots. Believe us when we say take the plunge, because it’ll be worth it!

Whilst we saw knee-high reign supreme for many seasons past, this year opt for the mid-calf to really strut your stuff. Think cowboy boots or maybe even so stylish, designer gumboots. This cut of boot is more versatile than you may think as it looks just as good with a midi or maxi skirt, as it does with a mini. So if the high boot and short skirt combo is feeling a little too daring for you, pair it with a pleated midi and a chic knit jumper for the ultimate cold weather ensemble. It’s equal parts glamorous and practical.


With these five versatile and fabulous items, your wardrobe will be looking funky and fresh to welcome in the winter season. It’s also important to keep in mind throughout your seasonal shopping process that when you strategically purchase new items, there’s no need for a whole revamp of your closet, as they’ll make everything look brand new. So shop conscientiously and search for pieces that when paired together, can deliver thoroughly modern looks that’ll have friends and family asking “when did your style get so good?”


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