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Long before the Armani suit – aka, an adjective for men well suited – there was a Corneliani team of tailors and bespoke thinkers in a small city east of Milan. Mantua, a city rich in art and history, was a wellspring for traditional menswear,  Italian suits.

At the heart of Italy’s most renowned fashion traditions is their impeccable sartorial workmanship. Royal for their cuts and fittings, Italian tailoring is one of the oldest and finest of artisan trades in the land of leather and textiles. Cornelianicreatives can tip their hats to the Renaissance and to the Medici’s for sculpting the art of fashion-trending, as their Mantua family adapts to social and lifestyle progression, profoundly reviving classic in modern culture.

There could not be a more appropriate place to exploit Italian fashion DNA than in a 17th-century palazzo, the home of the Corneliani showroom. A museum of baroque art and antique collectables, the 1648 home by Francesco Maria Ricchino is adorned with with doric columns, porticos and frescos – the epitome of Italian luxury. This makes for a relevant host of the Corneliani shaved mink coats, and sheepskin blazers. A pillar for Italian menswear, Corneliani decks the halls of this Lombardy palace (Milan) with a heritage of over 50 years. And as one of the oldest Italian menswear companies, it now competes with some of the latest technology. The creative team at Corneliani took a bold move with the introduction of their QR Code. By scanning the code on an embroidered label sewn inside garments, clients connect to a video from anywhere in the world to discover the story of the brand and the sartorial skill behind their products. Coats, shirts, pants and bags have all been tailored to incorporate everyday technology. A line of suede and leather iPad covers was introduced in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Their S/S 2012 pieces integrate fabrics which weigh between 140 and 180 grams and waterproof silks.


“a style balanced between the hectic city life and a dreamlike, out-of-this-world holiday represented by the magic of the desert, echoed in the comfort of forms and colours: white, beige and sand” Sergio Corneliani, Creative Director.

Perspiration-proof and some wrinkle-resistant, these Corneliani classic suits prove to be design-forward and tech-friendly as  menswear sees world-class customization evolve without losing a literal touch of tradition. Stitchings and seams nearly reveal the age and strength of the hands behind the tailors craft,  elevating Corneliani as a forerunner in the catwalk scene and with the stride of Italian tradition.

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Written by Angela Gleason

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