Shoe Fitting: 5 Key Tips for Finding the Perfect Shoes

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Measuring your feet is important when finding the perfect shoes. Keep reading for shoe fitting: 5 key tips for finding the perfect shoes.


Pain is beauty, or so the old saying goes, and the majority of women seem to have taken that to heart when it comes to shoes. Women are far more likely to suffer for their shoes.

That doesn’t mean you should have to put up with shoes that pinch or cause blisters. After all, you’ll be able to strut the sidewalk or office floorplan more confidently with the right shoe.

So how do you make sure you’ve found the right shoes? You can use these five shoe fitting tips to get the perfect shoes every time.

1: Measure Your Feet

Most people believe they have a shoe size, and that the same size will fit them across brands and styles. You probably go to the store and ask for a size seven or eight.

Instead, you should measure your feet. Different designers and brands, and even different shoe styles, measure up differently. One size seven isn’t necessarily the same length or width as another.

2: Shoe Fitting Changes with Time of Day

Ever put on a pair of shoes in the morning and had to take them off by noon hour? You may have been left wondering what happened. The shoes fit perfectly when you left the house.

As the day progresses, your feet swell. The more you’re on your feet, the more noticeable this is.

If you want to find the right shoe, try shopping for them a little later in the day.

3: Dress for the Occasion

Think about the purpose of the shoes you’re buying. Are you wearing them for a formal, sit-down dinner or are you going to be on your feet all night?

Having proper shoes for your occasion will help you avoid pain, which means you’ll have more swagger. If you plan to be on your feet, consider kitten heels or flats.

For the right event, even Balenciaga sneakers can be a fashion-forward and appropriate choice.

4: Think about Your Feet

Some of us just aren’t made to wear certain styles of shoes. Some women will find heels unbearable, while others will avoid flats that can cause knee pain.

Consider your own needs when it comes to shoes. If you have a foot condition, such as flat feet or a bunion, avoid shoes that make the condition worse. Or consider wearing a shoe insert such as insoles for plantar fasciitis.

After all, you want to be able to walk the walk when you step out in your new kicks.

5: Follow Your Own Fashion Sense

Just as not everyone can wear every shoe, not all of us will choose the same shoe off the shelf either. If you love flats and hate heels, then stick with your personal style.

Keep in mind that a shoe that fits with your style will help you feel more confident. You don’t need to follow runway trends to turn heads.

If the Shoe Fits

These shoe fitting tips should help you get into the perfect shoes. There’s no reason to impair your step with shoes that don’t fit.

Looking for more fashion tips to help you unleash your personal style? We have all the latest tips, trends, and more waiting for you.


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