How to host a pamper night for your friends

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Ever feel a little caught up in the grind of daily life? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Indeed, 74 per cent of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Typically, we end up trying to destress by hitting the bars and restaurants, essentially just planning busy weekends with our friends or family.

Often that can make us feel even more exhausted than we did before! Which is why every now and then you need to have a little rest and relaxation.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to break the bank by visiting expensive spas and hotels to do so. You can create a similar ambience and experience in the comfort of your own homes.

If that sounds like something to tickle your fancy, here is how to host a pamper night for your friends.

Set the mood

Hosting the perfect pamper day starts with really setting the mood.

And you can’t go wrong with candles…more candles…and then a few more candles.

They smell great, offer gentle lighting and have a calming effect. Why not try something new like floating candles?

Alternatively, you could pick up an oil diffuser…basically just get the place smelling incredible.

If you aren’t particularly creative, then just buy flowers and plants and have them everywhere. The greenery will help to relieve stress and make your guests feel relaxed.

Speaking of feeling relaxed, have a calming playlist ready to play…and tell your guests to bring their own fluffy slippers for extra comfort.



The mood is set, now it’s time to get down to the fun home-spa activities!

Have a manicure station complete with polish remover, cotton balls, nail files, clippers, cuticle cutters, buffers, plenty of polish colours and a fan for drying.

Face masks are an absolute must for a spa, naturally, but you will need to make sure there are different types to suit different needs, for oily skin, dry skin etc — make sure all your friends are catered for.

Massages are a real favourite at spas and you can do these at home, just maybe check in with your guests to gauge if they are comfortable with this. Even then, you may want to engage in less intimate massages and focus on areas such as the hands or shoulders, using natural oils on these areas.

And, even though the whole house will be a relaxation zone, why not set up one room specifically for it by having a meditation lounge? You could set up yoga mats, blankets and pillows on the floor and either have a set amount of time for silence or follow a playlist of instructions.


Serve up a treat

No spa day is complete without some wholesome refreshment.

Detox waters, perhaps a simple lemon water, have plenty of health benefits. Make sure you have a stocked tea station. Peppermint and Chamomile teas are particularly popular.

Yogurt bowls and hummus cups are quick and easy to put together, go the extra mile by making devilled eggs…and avocado toast is always received well!


Send guests home with a gift

This one might sound a little teenage party, but who doesn’t love receiving a little gift? Your guests will feel particularly loved if they take home a treat.

Coconut scrubs, lemon foot scrubs, face and hand creams, bath salts; all of these things make ideal fodder for gift bags, and be sure to look for special offers and discounts, such as Boots NHS discounts, to make sure you aren’t breaking the bank when putting these together.


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