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Handed the reins at Loewe by its owner LVMH late last year, Anderson had already given a hint of the direction he was moving in with this label in June this year, when he unveiled his first menswear pieces and accessories in Paris.  

Considering that collection’s playful androgyny (a key theme running through the designer’s work), it was no surprise at all to see the models emerge in flat leather men’s slippers. The same spirit of ‘rip it up and start again’ was also at play here for the women’s clothes. Leather and linen were at the center of things of course, with asymmetric pieces torn apart and sewn back together and plenty of tan, black and white tones and a vaguely nautical theme, redolent of the rough ropes and woven nets of Spanish fishing villages.  

That said, there were also plenty of bright colors, from the first peek of tangerine slippers to sky blue fabrics, which were followed by Crayola-intense high-waisted leather pants with judo belts tied at a jaunty angle. These were paired with hunting print tops, and a wonky checkerboard print. 

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