Patrick Remy Challenges Typical Fashion Photography in New Book

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Instagram has seemingly become the playground of fashion photographers from all over the world, such as Petra Collins and Nadia Lee Cohen, wanting to showcase their latest efforts. Renowned author and art director Patrick Remy, however, has his doubts about the efficacy of social media as a photo-sharing platform as many viewers tend to miss important details that lead to the artwork losing much of its essence. Instead, Remy proclaims that he would much rather scrutinize a photograph as it hangs on a wall than from behind an electronic device such as a smartphone or laptop.

People need to slow down when viewing a fashion image

In his new book Antiglossy: Fashion Photography Now, Remy showcases the work of 30 modern-day photographers who are brave enough to defy the conventional opulent narrative. He further goes on to explore the way media is influencing the direction of photography for print. Among some of the featured artists is Juergen Teller who has worked with the likes of Sofia Coppola and Kate Moss, Glen Luchford who recently photographed Harry Styles with a number of infant animals for Gucci, and Ruth Hogben who frequently collaborates with the likes of Lady Gaga. When speaking about the photographers he chose to include in the book, Remy said: “I like the idea of these photographers putting their perspective into fashion. I think it’s a new way to show fashion because all of these photographers have open minds.”

Physical prints should never take a backseat to electronic media

While personal websites, online fashion magazines, and social media have become almost necessary in ensuring that fashion photography remains relevant, it should in no way replace printed photographs. Whether immortalized on the pages of books such as those penned by Remy, or printed and hung on walls, fashion photographs deserve to respected and enjoyed by all. A selection of prints depicting the sultry Chloë Sevigny can, for instance, breathe life into an otherwise lackluster room while Todd Hido’s work will make for an interesting topic of conversation even when perused on the pages of a magazine. Remy is also not alone in his belief that fashion photography should be viewed in a number of ways. The crew at echoed his sentiments by stating that you can ‘brighten up any space with the right photo.’

Why such an interest in the new wave of fashion photography?

When asked about why he has chosen to explore new trends in fashion photography in his book, Remy went on to explain that the main idea behind his previous book The Art of Fashion Photography, was the fleeting nature of fashion photography. He described how fashion magazines get thrown out and the photos inside of them are forgotten almost instantly. Through this book, he aimed to give the reader a different perspective on these fashion images. The entire purpose was just to look at the photos and appreciate them – nothing more, and nothing less. This book, however, was released five years ago already and a lot has changed in the world of fashion photography since, which is what is illustrated in  Antiglossy.

Although the internet and electronic media is of vital importance to the fashion industry it is important to not forget the relevance of print. A physical copy of a spectacular fashion photograph is, after all,  something to treasure forever.



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