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Musée International de la Chaussure

Shoes have always had an important place in fashion. They can ruin an outfit or make it the most glamorous. And the history of shoes is as vast as our dressing room.

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne Shoes – Credits and Copyrights @ Musée International de La Chaussure

Although we tend not to recognise anymore the difference between good and poor quality shoes, the International Museum of Shoes of Romans, France raises awareness and lets you discover the truth about shoes.

Indeed Romans-sur-Isère is a small town of the South East of France, which is known as the capital of luxury shoes. Since the Middle Age, the city has developed its ‘savoir-faire’ for leather and shoes. Thus, the museum pays tribute to this tradition. Around 40,000 people come to visit every year the 16,500 different items shown in this museum.

Bottine de femme Pays Inde Turquie Otto

What is interesting about this place is the link between past and present starting from the Middle Age up to today. You can find some amazing pieces, be surprised by some others strange looking ones as the old sandals from Turkey below.


Papyrus Sandals – Credits and Copyrights @ Musée International de La Chaussure

Overall the place is very inspiring. They have this huge room called “Chaussothèque” which literally means library of shoes. It can be visited only if you ask for it but it is the most impressive room. Many designers like the well-known Parisian Roger Vivier or Massaro used to come here to find inspiration. Some of their own creations are in fact present in the exhibition.


Musée International de la Chaussure

Musée International de La Chaussure

Portail Roger-Vivier

Rue Bistour

26100 Romans, FRANCE

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