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CY: Co|te SS 2013 collection has been very successful, recognized for its originality and flaunted among stylish crowds. What do you think has particularly raised the buzz with this collection and your label this past season?

COTE: Our S/S 13 collection was developed from the idea of “Robot Prints” from which we created the color palette for our entire collection. It’s a print that refers to the playfulness of children from the African city of Shangay. We focused a lot of our attention on the materials for this collection, as we do with most of our work, which we aimed to capture a mix between “strong woman” while delivering the essence of the female body.

CY: As a creative team, what do you feel were some bigger risks in pursuing this collection? Were there doubts along the way, anticipation?

COTE: Every collection is full of challenge and doubts because the creative process is long and difficult but it’s all of this which is the beauty of our work.

CY: Co|te emphasizes two strong Italian elements in the brand message: Made in Italy + Women. Where do you believe Made In Italy is headed, and how has the mark changed in recent years? How do you as Italian designers hope to retain the value and entity behind the Made in Italy identity?

COTE: “Made in Italy” is the foundation of our creativity. It’s important that the younger generation grow and support the brand of “Made In Italy” (that is surely a competitive advantage in our project) and the security of this mark relies on us. It is our project and responsibility. Made in Italy can differentiate a product even during this period of global crisis when someone looks for quality and not just frivolousness.


CY: Italian women have always held a distinct and powerful role throughout society. Historically iconic for fashion. Stubborn perhaps as well as physically desirable. As the designers inspired by Italian women, do you feel the idea today of Italian women and style has transformed over the years, and have been called to explore a more modern symbol of the woman with your designs?

COTE: Italian women have a growing impact on society and its entirety, and this is positive. When we design for women, we are not thinking of a particular icon or rather a cosmopolitan woman that travels fearlessly, ready to dare and play with her fashion.

CY: There is a prominent suggestion of futurism in the S/S13 collection including the accessories. The palette, textures and shapes provide a very distinct aesthetic. What are some of your core influences in developing the S/S13 collection?

COTE: Surely those 80s TV series  Daitan and Voltron influenced the collection quite a lot. We started from those images to create a more futuristic and established image that could fit the woman’s body. The textiles we use in our collections influence the volumes that we later choose to be the main image of the collection. A textile is the soul of the dress.


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