Iris Apfel’s fashion collaboration

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Iris Apfel’s fashion collaboration

There is something about Iris Apfel that never ceases to amaze: her great sense of humour and enthusiasm for fashion. Iris turned 95 last August and despite this, she keeps very active and involved across different campaigns.


It is amazing how positive and full of energy she is. Her last collaboration is a fashion clothing line for Macy’s called “Iris Meets INC”. This is a collection of around 40 staple pieces of clothing and jewellery inspired by 60’s. It is a line especially designed for young people however it does not mean older people cannot wear it as well. Iris is very happy and proud of everything about it, including the accessible price range.

INC_ Iris 5As she mentioned during the launch of the collection at La Sirena in New York: “Nothing is over $200!” The pieces are very affordable indeed, going from $24.50 to $199.50.

Iris Apfel has collaborated with many fashion brands in recent years, succeding every time. Iris is quite an institution and a fashion icon, what she says is set in stone. Her charisma can stir up the interest of both young and older generations.

She believes every one should have their own style as everyone is different with its own diverse personality; to her individuality is paramount. What works for someone could not work for someone else. Her own style is absolutely unique as a result of a bold personality.

She once said:

“I don’t have any rules, because I would be breaking them, so it’s a waste of time”.

I wish I could be as confident and daring as she is. Not everyone is brave enough to wear bright colours or oversized pieces of jewellery as she does.


Iris is the opposite of minimalism, the more she wears the better she feels. Being free to express herself no matter what others think made her the key of her own success.

Iris Apfel’s fashion collaboration


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