How To Pick The Perfect Outfit For A Road Trip

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Road tripping has increased by 64% since 2015, reflecting a love for the road, the flexibility it brings, and the rise of conscientious travel. You cover more miles and see many places at your own pace. If you’re planning a car trip, it is important to select the right clothes to suit the environment and the places you’re visiting. From smart casuals to formal wear, a carefully chosen wardrobe is your arsenal to make your long journeys comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

While Driving

Driving for hours can become really tiring and uncomfortable. Hence, driving in a comfortable car is critical in order to prevent stiffness and make the ride pleasant and fun. If you’re renting a sport utility vehicle (SUV), read up on driver’s views about the safety and reliability of different models. Supportive seats, the ease of getting in and out, and the amount of cargo space will make a lot of difference to your road trip experience.

Your choice of clothing while on a journey is also critical. Wear comfy clothes that will not make you feel out of breath. Ditch the awkward, tight pants and skinny jeans, which will restrict your movement and squeeze your body. Black leggings are wonderful alternatives that will not compromise your style. If you really love sweat pants, as most people do, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re probably your best choice for driving. Pair them with a loose top or a casual tee for a truly relaxed trip. Dress it up or down with chic boots or a pair of elegant wedges. For drivers, stick to sneakers or flat shoes if you’re wearing sports pants. Don’t forget your sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glaring sun and to give your outfit an extra oomph.

At Your Destination

One of the advantages of traveling by car is that you can bring more luggage with you. Who doesn’t like to dress up on vacation? Whether you’re lounging by the pool in your gorgeous bikini or enjoying a sundowner in a smart romper, your choice of outfits depends on the climate and weather at your destination.

To prepare for every occasion, bring a black dress, a tailored blazer, and slacks for formal dining and outings. A crisp white blouse and long skirt are also easy to wear, and will look elegant in any setting. Bring a chunky cardigan that you can just throw on when it’s suddenly chilly too.

Going on a road trip is a fun way of discovering new places. For an enhanced experience, choose comfortable outfits that are appropriate for driving long distances, and bring pieces that you can easily mix and match to suit different occasions.


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