How to choose an evening gown, its role, and function.

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In addition, to the fact that outfit should sit on you perfectly, it must also comply with the dress code of the event.


There are six basic types of dress code

– Casual

– A dressy Casual

– Business

– Cocktail

– Black Tie

– White Tie

Each of them assumes its own rather severe requirements for appearance. Here they are:


Casual dress code.

The casual dress code is appropriate for active events such as walks, on trains, at meetings with friends, picnics, home parties in an informal style.

It includes jeans and a t-shirt. It`s better to choose versatile and restrained, minimalist models without bright prints, appliques, or slogans. These may be simple dresses, skirts combined with shirts and T-shirts.

Also, very popular are the things in khaki color. It is clothing made of natural breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen.


A dressy casual dress code

A dressy casual dress code is appropriate for holiday parties (birthdays, engagements, or meetings on other solemn occasions, on dates).

This type of dress code may be appropriate:

– A dress whose model is not too important: Within this dress code, both a shirt dress and a sweater dress will look equally good, except for a sundress and an evening dress.

– A shirt or blouse with buttons. To which you can add a jacket – then the image will be more severe and refined.

– Denim clothes of classic dark color. Faded, worn, or light jeans are not the best option. Choose models in shades of indigo or black.

– Club top. Often, they are inexpensive synthetic models, such as a satin top with thin straps, a corset-type top with open shoulders, or a tight sweatshirt with a deep cut on the back.

– Preferably of flowing, thin fabric – in this case, it can serve as an alternative to the dress.


Business dress code

The business dress code is appropriate in the office, at business meetings, interviews, conferences, and official speeches.

There are two trends: business-casual style and business-formal style

Business casual styles are classic dark or khaki pants, a button-down shirt, a versatile sports jacket or jacket, and optionally a tie.

Business formal style is a dark suit, classic shirt, and dress shoes. A tie is an obligatory element of such a dress code for men and is good if it is made of silk fabric. If it’s a woman’s image, it’s a jacket dress or a pencil skirt in combination with a classic shirt with buttons.

In this case, it is strictly forbidden to wear jeans and sneakers, bright clothes.


Cocktail dress code

The cocktail dress code is appropriate for weddings, for restaurant dinners, including romantic dinners and fundraisers for charities, for school and university balls, and graduations.

The dress should then be more formal, austere than a sundress, but less formal than a ball gown. Classical cocktail models are sewed of fabric with a glossy surface (satin, taffeta) and often have decorations of organza or lace.

The costume should be a dark color if the event is planned for the evening. If we are talking about the light time of day, suits of steel, beige, coffee, blue and other similar shades will do: in general, a bright dressy element in combination with ordinary clothes like bellabarnett long-sleeve dresses. To make the image become quite “cocktail”, it is enough to rhyme the usual pants or skirt with a top of shiny fabric, a festive silk shirt, or, say, a blazer decorated with rhinestones in disco style.

The image can be put together with classic shoes, which will never go out of fashion.


Black Tip

The Black Tie is appropriate for classic solemn weddings, exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, and other celebrations with a pronounced formal bias.

The Black-Tie dress code calls for a restrained image in classic shades: black, white, pearl and milk.

At such events, you can wear a long dressy fabric\maximally elegant cocktail dress.

Men can be recommended oxfords or brogues (with a perforated top).

Remember: Shoes must be in perfect condition.


White Tie

The White Tie is suitable for official events of the highest level: for example, at a dinner party with the participation of presidents (countries, large companies) or a reception at the Queen, at very solemn weddings.

Floor-length dresses made of expensive, not “every day” fabrics can be suitable.

Jewelry, long white gloves are welcome. For men, a tailcoat is ideal. But there are limitations here as well: Dresses above the knee will not work, not even a business suit, even if it’s chic. Any item of clothing that can be (at least at a stretch) called casual, sports, business, or cocktail is unacceptable.


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