Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman Steps Down

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Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman Steps Down

Vogue.co.uk reported earlier today that its editor-in-chief, Alexandra Shulman, has announced that she will be stepping down.

“Although I have had a few months to acclimatise to the idea of leaving Vogue, it hasn’t made the moment of announcing this any less say,” she said. “I have been incredibly privileged to have been able to look after such a great magazine for so long and even more to have worked with so many people over those years who made the experience so interesting and rich.”

Shulman began her career in journalism at Over-21 magazine and then joined Tatler in 1982, eventually becoming the features editor. In 1987 she became editor of the women’s pages on the Sunday Telegraph and later moved to deputy edit their current affairs based tabloid. Her original arrival at Vogue was in 1988 as a features editor before becoming editor-in-chief in 1992, with an interlude as editor at GQ in 1990.

Her position as editor of Vogue has lasted over 25 years and has seen the magazine through an incredibly transitional period, including the introduction of its digital manifestation. Her presence during this time has no doubt shaped the British fashion industry and the public’s perception of it.

Nicholas Coleridge, managing director of Conde Nast Britain, spoke warmly about Shulman, “Alex has been the longest serving and most successful editor of Vogue in its 100 year history. She has edited the title for a quarter of its existence, through its period of highest ever circulation, and its simultaneous transformation into a global digital brand. She has been the towering figure of the British fashion press throughout her tenure: a superb journalist and editor, who understands and exemplifies every quality. Imaginative, hard working, perceptive and a brilliant leader, Alex is also a valued friend to so many of us. It is impossible to sufficiently express the contribution she has made to Vogue, to Conde Nast and to the British fashion industry. “

As someone who has played such an instrumental role in Vogue’s life for such a long period of time, it is difficult to imagine the publication without her. Her lengthy tenure has inextricably intertwined her and the magazine and for many it will surely feel strange to disentangle the two. Nevertheless speculations are already emerging about her successor and Vogue have stated that an announcement on the matter will be made in due course.


Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman Steps Down


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