Victoria Beckham tops British managers list

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« The entrepreneur formerly known as Posh Spice is queen of the catwalk now, » Management Today magazine said of the 40-year-old mother of four, who is married to football icon David Beckham.

Beckham has grown her business over the past five years from a £1 million (1.3 million euro, $1.6 million) a year turnover to £30 million and from three employees to 100.

She launched her label in 2008 and opened a large boutique in the upmarket Mayfair area in central London last month.

The list, which came out on Sunday and was reported in British media on Monday, included 15 women — up from 11 identified in the 2011 edition.

There are also nine names from Britain’s South Asian community, including in the number two spot brother-and-sister team Amit and Meeta Patel, who own a pharmaceutical business.

Mahmud Kamani of the online fashion site came third.

The magazine said the 100 managers named had proved to be « real job creators », adding 61,556 employees over the past five years for a total of 158,189 people — far outstripping the rate of employment growth in the British economy.

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