Tilda Swinton heading to Paris to play around in the cloakroom

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After « The Impossible Wardrobe » (2012) and « Eternity Dress » (2013), Swinton will star in a new show created by the Musée Galliera director, titled « Cloakroom – Vestiaire obligatoire. »

Saillard himself will play the charming host alongside his hostess Swinton, with the pair asking audience members to select an item of their own clothing to leave in the ‘cloakroom’. These coats, jackets and scarves will all then be woven into the performance, as co-stars to the story told by Swinton. At the end of the show the clothing will be returned, tagged with a reminder of the fact that it was involved in the performance. 

« Cloakroom – Vestiaire Obligatoire » will take place from November 22 to 29 as part of Paris’s Festival d’Automne. It will also be repeated in Florence during the Pitti fashion tradeshows in January next year. 

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