Rock n Roll, drums and Jagger at Hilfiger show

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The daughter of rock bad boy Mick Jagger and Texan model Jerry Hall, Georgia May was the perfect progeny for the collection, storming down the runway with attitude and her trademark pout.

« She’s not only a model but she’s a humanitarian and an incredible young woman, » Hilfiger told AFP in pre-show interview when asked why Jagger, 22, was the woman who most inspired him.

Hilfiger once again selected the Upper East Side grandeur of the Armory on Park Lane to showcase his look for spring/summer 2015, transforming its central hall into a 1970s rock festival fantasy.

There was a giant stage where two drummers performed a high-energy crashing set as models paraded down a runway of green astroturf, bordered with silk gerberas and carnations.

In the center, blue, purple, yellow flowers were fashioned into American stars and fairy lights were strung from the ceiling, recreating a make-believe, nostalgic festival gig.

The theme even extended to the invitations, crafted in the form of vinyls, the seat number poking through the record sleeve.

Jagger led the show dressed in a burgundy regimental stripe sateen cape, matching shorts, a gold mesh tank and red metallic leather boots.

Kendall Jenner, model of the moment and half sister of reality star Kim Kardashian, also took part, decked out in a burgundy tattoo/star bikini and gold metallic leather star boots.

Stars and stripes, true Americana, were a major theme.

There was sharp tailored shorts and trousers, paid with waistcoats and jackets, with brass buttons and metallic collars.

– Rock star chic –

There was patchwork denim, seersucker skinny trousers, a plethora of flat caps. Sweaters were emblazoned with motifs such as a skull, a butterfly or with « rock and roll » printed on the back.

There were cute suede mini dresses with cut-out stars at the bottom in both red and black, paired with ankle platform boots.

The show ended with floaty, barely-there chiffon dresses with stars printed on chiffon and matching capes in navy and red.

Hilfiger told AFP rock music was in his DNA and that he wanted to bring rock-star chic to the consumer, having been inspired by great musicians since starting out as a teenager in 1969.

« For many years it meant collaborating with people like Lenny Kravitz, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, » he said.

« I wanted to show the public what it would be like to develop a collection of rock star clothing that people could actually wear, » he added.

By segment, revenue in the Tommy Hilfiger rose nine percent to $870 million for the quarter that ended August 3.

Hilfiger attributed his success to great clothes, great quality and a great price.

« I think there’s always a place for kind of preppy style and it’s something they do really well, » said British model Alexa Chung, who took over the brand’s Instagram account on show day.

The show was streamed live and Hilfiger invited a group of « digital influencers » outside the fashion industry to cover the show on social media with a fresh perspective.


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