Michael Pitt and Léa Seydoux pose for Rag & Bone

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The two films were shot on Bolex 16mm, « the same process (Martin) Scorsese used on the dialogue sequences in Raging Bull » explains photographer Glen Luchford who was hired by Rag & Bone Managing Partners Marcus Wainwright and David Neville to shoot both the campaign images and the videos.

Dressed throughout in the new Fall-Winter Rag & Bone collection, French rising star Léa Seydoux splashes around in the rain, dancing and riding the subway wrapped up in a chunky houndstooth knit. 

 “There was no direction given for the campaign photography or film – the premise was simply to let the imagery tell the story,” explained Wainwright. “Two gorgeous, interesting actors against the backdrop of New York City. That’s all you need,” added Luchford. 

Emerging from the New York City subway we see Pitt driving around in the city, pouting moodily and looking every inch the indie film icon, before pausing to smash up a guitar and smoke a cigarette. 

Check out the films here:

Léa – http://www.nowness.com/day/2013/9/3/3299/double-bill-lea-seydoux

Michael – http://www.nowness.com/day/2013/9/3/3300/double-bill-michael-pitt

Creatively direction for both the film and the campaign was provided by Jefferson Hack’s London-based agency MAD, with art direction by Sara Hemming at DJA.


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