In the mood of Issey Miyake (Yoshiyuki Miyamae): ‘This collection includes unprecedented three-dimensional textures’

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What’s the key piece in this collection and why?
The 3D Steam Stretch series. The series has evolved since last season’s launch to offer unprecedented three-dimensional textures.

Which female icon could be the face of this collection?
Happy and positive women who place importance on internal beauty are always foremost in our minds.

What was the initial spark or starting point for this season?
The unexpectedly striking forms of the natural environment observed while traveling sparked my urge to dream up new and unheralded materials.

How did you pick the soundtrack for the collection?
Continuing on from last season, the music was created by Ei Wada, who shares our vision and spirit regarding sound creation, and who can be relied upon to provide a fascinating and collaborative sound creation process.

Can you sum up the collection in one word? Why?
“Windscape,” because we hope that this collection evokes the indescribable beauty of natural environments molded by the boundless yet subtle power of the wind.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered creating this collection?
The day-to-day grind of study and research needed to achieve breakthroughs in the evolution of fabrics.
Literally hundreds of different ideas were tried, and we went through failure after failure until that Eureka! moment when we found the right new fabric.

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