Gap’s arty films include dancing sweaters and a high-five machine

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Gap is continuing with its ‘Dress Normal’ campaign for the holidays, but it’s using it as an excuse to act weird. The latest films, created with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy New York, show off a series of cool art experiments which put the brand’s latest items into some unexpected situations and uses. 

In the short clips, petals fall upwards, winter gloves are attached to windscreen wipers, and toddlers’ shoes appear as scalectrix race cars, while other pieces are shown off as part of installations featuring treadmills, hula hoops, dancing sweaters, flying drones, and a high-five machine, among others. 

Singer Dev Hynes of Blood Orange has filmed a video with Gap for his song « It Is What It Is » which does fun things with the stripy collection. There’s also an interactive game called ‘Play Your Stripes’ which lets you use your webcam to get the same effect on your own striped outfits and play your clothes like a musical instrument.   

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