Breast Cancer Warriors Unite on Milan’s Runway

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Milan Fashion Week 2023 Commences with I/DEAL Breast Cancer Fundraising Show

On September 19th, Milan Fashion Week 2023 kicked off with a powerful message of breast cancer prevention and advocacy through the I/DEAL Breast Cancer Fundraising Fashion Show. This event serves as a platform to raise funds and awareness, offering a moment of solidarity open to all. You can support this noble cause by purchasing tickets on or making direct donations at

The charity event took place in the majestic Foyer of Bocconi University’s Aula Magna, and what made it truly special was that it featured not professional models but twenty courageous women who have either faced breast cancer or taken preventive measures. These women graced the runway, symbolizing resilience and strength.

This innovative concept, introduced during New York Fashion Week in 2017 by Cancer Culture—an organization dedicated to reshaping perceptions of breast cancer through art, culture, and equitable development—has been reignited. I/DEAL, organized by Art+Vibes, with the support of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and Camera Moda Fashion Trust, returns to spark new dialogues and discussions about this challenging aspect of women’s lives.

These women embark on their journey with a unique form of ‘fuel.’ Regardless of their circumstances, they continue to embrace life, showcasing not only resilience but also extending their support to others. Even as they grapple with the challenges of their illness, they remain mothers, wives, friends, lovers, daughters, grandmothers, cousins, aunts—fulfilling their roles despite adversity. These women stand as symbols of strength and voices for a cause that demands attention, research, and prevention.

Fashion, known for its ability to convey beauty, wields a powerful and inclusive tool. Launching Milan Fashion Week 2023 with I/DEAL carries immense significance. It creates a moment of happiness accessible to all, underscored by a creative and genuinely philanthropic spirit. The proceeds from the runway show and donations will be directed towards the Ieo-Monzino Foundation and the Piemontese Foundation for Cancer Research. This approach confronts the disease head-on, fostering open dialogue and combating it with the powerful weapons of creativity and solidarity. In the words of Stendhal, ‘beauty is nothing but a promise of happiness.' »

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