60s-inspired silhouettes at Giamba Pre-Fall 2015

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Shoes switched between peep-toe platform sandals and cool printed slip-on skate shoes, worn with dark black lace tights. Valli’s Twiggy-esque baby-doll dresses in lace or 1960s florals were at the heart of things, joined by Art Nouveau-style prints and brocade, chunky knits, hearts, and satin bows. While the silhouettes were clean, this was a collection which was all about decoration, and even the tailoring came with prints.

Outerwear included parkas, Mongolian wool coats and other shearling pieces, as well as dyed furs. The color palette opened with soft pastel pinks, before moving on to richer and more classically autumnal mustard, burgundy and khaki shades. 

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