Things You Should Know Before Approaching a Fashion-Girl

Approaching the sexy girl your heart is crazily beating for can be a challenge at times. Several men struggle with such moments a lot. Breaking down the whole process of wooing the lady you really like before taking it to exhilarating dates can really help. In fact, online dating has massively alleviated the pressure of approaching your crush for the first time. The introvert who cannot muster enough courage to talk to the hottie he’s dying for, can easily engage her through a sexy chat online.

The online dating process is quite easy and friendly at the same time. Find a reliable dating website to enjoy flirty chats with a stunning fashion girl today. What of the offline cool parties, free stuff and fabulous people? Here are the few things you should be aware of before indulging a fashion-girl into sexy chats:

Fashion weeks are equivalent to her playoffs – Do you remember the iconic moments in sports history or some unforgettable musical concerts? A fashion girl vividly does the same with similar moments on the runway. You’ll always feel like you’re the least fashionable person during the moment. Don’t worry! It’s because you truly are!

Suddenly become everyone’s photographer – And your photo-taking skills will ever be challenged. It will never meet her expectations. It’ll never be your idea too taking selfies wherever you go.

Her dress is hot or not? She’s dressing for herself, not to please you. If you thought the granny panties (high-waisted) or soft-cup lace bras could never be hot, you’re in for surprise. You’d probably bid goodbye to your normal idea of sexy.

Are you running out of date ideas? You’re just thinking of relaxing around? She has a brilliant idea. She never runs out of them. Prepare to go shopping. She’d rather you buy her a new model of sandals than take her out to a fancy dinner.

Confidence and Independence – Don’t expect her to downplay her interests just to attract men. For her, it’s absolutely not worth it. Her fashion will rarely overlap with the type of chill-girl sweatpants. She might sacrifice a little sanity to wear a jumpsuit though.

Never struggle with the thought that Instagram is a waste of time – It’s not! Not even the closely related social media sites. If it hosts something related to fashion and celebrities, it’s her bae. It helps her stay on top of fashion trends. Don’t even try nudging her of the 20 minutes she’s spending on Instagram to capture that new perfect top. Do not dare!

She’ll be ready in 10 minutes – No! She means around one hour or so. You’ll be waiting to witness a minimum of five outfit changes before she accepts the perfect one. And she’ll spend another 10 minutes consulting the mirror if the last outfit is really ideal for the occasion.

In case she agrees to attend a sporting event, expect her to stand out from the crowd – How will she remain unnoticeable in stilettos and a sloppy hat? Your naughty friends may presume she’s a witch, but it’s just her love for trendy fashions. The clanging of her arm accessories may subdue the crowd’s chants if she did it right.

Give her a high-five for timely love – A fashion-girl will love you more if you carry her home after a long night out. Relieving her from the whole day’s struggles with high-heels will immediately remind her of your love and caring attitude toward her.

Perfect eloquence and accent to match the trending fashion – Just because she talks slow doesn’t portray that she’s stupid. You’ll be a fool to underestimate her charming drawl. She’s just trying to perfect her tone for the occasion. Her timing is always perfect, at least in her judgement.


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Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our busiest writer. She has worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007. Lola started working with us after she graduating from Central St Martins

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