How to stay focused while you’re studying

Did it ever happen that you could not concentrate on your studies? Sometimes distractions prevent us from fulfilling the planned tasks. New ideas and more interesting activities appear in the most unsuitable moment. In this article we will tell how to adjust your mind to the effective work.

1. Focus on learning, make education a priority activity in your life

One of the unique features of the brain is that its energy can be concentrated on what seems important to a person. If all your actions are guided by the priority of learning, it will be much easier to concentrate. The brain will attract all forces to studies automatically.

Your future depends on the knowledge and skills acquired in the student age. You will definitely benefit from the education. Therefore, give priority to university compiling a list of the advantages that it brings and remembering them well. The most important plus is that education makes all aspects of life (spiritual, financial, career and personal) complete.

2. Get rid of external irritants

The brain processes all the information that reaches the organs of perception. Thanks to this we learn about the possible danger. How to study without being distracted?

Do not blame yourself for paying attention to the circumstances surrounding you. Just try to eliminate all hindering factors. Here’s what you can do for this:

  1. Ask the family to help you concentrate on your studies. They should turn off (or make quieter) noise sources (TV, radio, etc.).
  2. If the sound still distracts you, use the headphones. Of course, no music should be there!
  3. Keep books, video games, laptop with access to social networks and other items of interest outside your room.
  4. Turn off the mobile phone and close the door.

3. Get rid of the worst enemies of concentration – extraneous thoughts

After you closed the door, turned off the TV and radio, put on the headphones, other irritant arises inside your brain. Even opening a book and staring at it, you catch yourself on thoughts about absolutely insignificant things. It is quite natural that different ideas are swarming in your head. This phenomenon is common to all people.

How to focus on studying? One thing is clear: it is not worth fighting with thoughts. You will give them energy and they will become even more annoying. Instead of resistance, simply say: ‘For the next 2 hours, I will think only about writing a cover letter and will not use cover letter writing service. I’ll think about all the rest later!’

Repeating this phrase, you will gradually concentrate on the educational process. Extraneous thoughts will leave you. Just do not pay attention to them and continue your studies.

4. Take simple steps to concentrate attention in class or at home

Sit comfortably during classes. Take a deep breath every 10 minutes. Mentally ask questions while listening to a lecture or studying the educational material in order to draw the attention of the brain to the topic of the lesson.

Questions make the mind vigilant. This is due to the peculiarity of the brain: perceiving a question, it enters the search stage and stays there until finds an answer or you ask something else.

At the moment when you come up with a question and concentrate on the lesson, 100% of the extraneous thoughts will leave you. In addition, whatever subject you study, you will better understand it. Continue to ask questions for 3-4 weeks to create a habit of concentrating attention whenever you want.

5. Recharge your body with energy

Your organism consists of trillions of living cells. They need nutrients and frequent rest so that your mind and body can function better. Nutrients circulate through the body owing to proper blood flow. When you change the position or relax, cells get time to rest and are slightly recharged with energy. This is very important detail. Otherwise, even the simplest activities can be a difficult job for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Stretch the muscles like a cat to relax, improve the blood circulation and reduce the burden on your mind.
  • Do 3-4 slow deep breaths before and after classes to provide the brain with oxygen.
  • Being in the classroom or at home, sit comfortably so that no part of your body should feel the tension.

6. Use specific phrases to focus for a long time

You can concentrate on studies during a needed period of time with the help of the following specific statements:

  • ‘I can concentrate at will. I like to study’.
  • ‘Education is my top priority because classes will help me acquire important knowledge for starting the career’.
  • ‘The next two hours I’m going to focus on studying physics (or another subject). I like physics. It is useful and interesting’.

Each statement is aimed at positive thoughts that automatically strengthen the power of attention, make you think and act like a successful student. Let this become your habit. Repeat all phrases 3 times before the start of classes.

7. Pay attention to all your activities

Like any skill, the concentration of attention develops as a result of practice. Believe it or not, you already know how to concentrate on 100%. Are you surprised? What do you think about while watching a funny TV series, performing a brutal battle between a hero and a villain in a computer game or reading an adventure book? In such situations, you’re so strongly focused that you do not think of anything else. This is precisely the 100% concentration of attention. You already have the ability to fully concentrate under certain conditions.

Now you simply have to transfer this skill to other circumstances: lectures in the class, studies at home, conversations with classmates and teachers. In fact, such exercise can be used daily. For example, when your friend starts telling you something, say to yourself mentally: ‘I will completely concentrate on what my friend says’. Then try your best not to miss a single word.


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