Old and New CCNA Certifications: What Should You Know About Cisco 200-301 Exam?

Cisco has shaken up its certification program and this has brought some changes to the CCNA track as well. Previously,the candidates had the chance to choose a particular domain area, but now everything has changed. The new CCNA credential has just one exam (200-301) without any additional branches required for learning because it covers all the previous certificates, including:

  • CCNA Service Provider;
  • CCNA Wireless;
  • CCNA Routing and Switching;
  • CCNA Security;
  • CCNA Data Center;
  • CCNA Industrial;
  • CCNA Cloud;
  • CCNA Collaboration.

This gives the applicantsan incentive to go through the program and then pursue the CCNP certification pathway.

In the older version of the Cisco 200-301 CCNA Practice Test path, the candidates could focus on different areas, and there were some very clear disadvantages of this approach. For example, most of themwere tended to stop right after earning CCNA and not go for the further credentials because of the strict requirements and a wide range of possibilities. Cisco has simplified the whole track to one test to certify the professionals for the multifaceted roles.

If you are thinking of getting the new CCNA certificate, you need to know all its important details. Here we will try to cover all the necessary information about the Cisco 200-301 exam that you should know in advance.

Known facts about Cisco 200-301 exam

Whenever you are taking any certification exam, you should exploreall the necessary details. The same case is with Cisco 200-301.One of the first things that you need to know about this certification test is its time limit. The examlasts 120 minutes, but the number of questions is not specified. The studentshave to make sure that they try to answer all of them correctly within the allocated time. If you think that you are spending too much time on one question, it is best to skip it and focus on those that you can handle quickly visit examsnap.com .

The 200-301 CCNA exam verifies the candidate’s skills in the following areas:

  • Network Access – 20%;
  • IP Connectivity – 25%;
  • Automation and Programmability – 10%;
  • Network Fundamentals – 20%;
  • Security Fundamentals – 15%;
  • IP Services – 10%.

Another important detail that you should know about Cisco 200-301 is that the questions are not limited to these topics. They can also be related to some other domains that revolve around the same ideas. This is the reason why thorough preparation is so important for this certification exam.A year ofpractical experience in networking will also be a plus.

Preparing for the 200-301 test is pretty straightforward but demands a deep focus from your side. You can easily find great study materials for this examon the Cisco website, but you can also use other sources if you want. Those individuals who have already taken Cisco 200-301 recommend that the candidates try to take as many practice tests as possible as they will help them prepare in a much better way.

Some benefits of passing Cisco 200-301 exam

Each certification has some benefits, and it is important to make sure that you know all of them before you fully commit to the task. Similarly,the Cisco CCNA credential also has some advantages, but to get them, you should first pass the exam. One of the biggest benefits of takingthe 200-301 testis that you will learn a lot about networking and can use all this knowledge in your professional career. If you are already working in a company and have this badge, you will get a lot of respect from your employers. This is because going for this certificate shows how serious you are about your career.Obtaining this Cisco certification will also increase your value therefore you will get a better salary and, possibly, a promotion if you continue to work well.

There are many organizations out there that have made the new CCNA certification mandatory for certain positions. So, if you have already passed the Cisco 200-301 test, you can apply for these positions, and there is a high probability that you will land a decent job. Once you obtain this associate-level credential, you can apply for the job roles, such asa systems engineer, an Information Technology director, or a network engineer.


Cisco CCNA has become a popular choice among the networking professionals as it opens many new doors. Working as a networking technician in a well-known company can be very helpful because you will come across many problems that will make you a better specialist in the field. If you are an expert who does not know what to do with a career, you should consider taking the Cisco 200-301 exam. By passing it, you can give your career the right direction to follow. Passing this test isn’t as easy as it sounds, and you need to bring your full strength if you want to deal with it on the first try. If you obtain the CCNA certification, you can pursue the CCNP and CCIE paths.


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