How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

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A watch is an expression of personality. The best wristwatch should be classic, versatile, sophisticated, and simple. The type of watch that you choose should match your outfit if you do not want it to look out of place. When looking to purchase a watch, most people look for information such as watch size guide, wrist watch guide, watch sizes on wrist, and watch brands.

However, people forget to match their watches to their wardrobes, which is a big mistake. Here are some tips for matching your watch with your outfit:

Match the Formality of Your Outfit with Your Watch

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Recent technology has made it possible for watchmakers to create devices that do more than tell time. Nowadays, you can use a watch to check the calendar and track GPS coordinates.

Here are different categories of watches:

Diver’s watch – designed for underwater diving and has a high-water resistance. You should not pair a diver watch with a work suit.

Dress watch – a plain-faced watch with leather straps is quite formal. The most formal dress watch you can choose is one that shows the time and date only.

Field watch – this watch is tough enough to withstand active duty and its simple design makes the numerals easy to read.

Sports watch – in the high-end brands, a sports watch can be quite dressy. It is ideal for men who lead an active lifestyle because it has an odometer, pulse monitor, GPS technology, and compass.

Pilot watch – with a plain dial design and a large diameter, this watch is easy to read. You can wear it to a casual event.

You should follow these rules when choosing a watch to wear to an occasion:

Business dress – for a business look, you need a classic yet simple silver or gold timepiece with a thin dial. When wearing a casual suit, you can pair it with a leather-strapped diver watch or a dress watch.

Black/white tie – a simple classic dress watch with a black leather strap would be ideal for this event.

Casual – any watch with a leather band is less formal, so you can wear it to casual events. You should pair digital watches with workout clothes or casual attire.

Sports – do not wear a dress watch for any activities that involve unpredictable movements. A sports watch is great for physical exertion because the case, strap, and dial are protected, allowing you to focus on your activities without worrying about your timepiece.

Business casual – a smart pilot or sports watch goes well with a light-colored suit worn without a tie.

Heirloom Watches go with anything

These watches represent a legacy and people wear them to keep the memory of the original owner or as good luck charms. When it comes to an heirloom watch, you cannot subject it to fashion rules. Why is that the case? A heirloom watch like an engraved Full Hunter pocket watch from Dalvey makes you stand out, and it makes for a great conversation starter.

Because the watch reminds you of your family history, you should not focus on the outfit you should wear. Even as heirloom watches tell time, they serve a much bigger purpose: they are meant to be passed through generations.

Leather Matches Leather

The color and material of your shoes should guide your watchband choice. If you own shoes in different colors, you should choose interchangeable band watches. Although the band of your watch does not need to match your shoe color exactly, it should at least be of a similar tone. Here are some important guidelines for choosing watchbands:

–          Rough, worn-out leather bands go better with jeans and do not look good for formal occasions.

–          Rubber watchbands are strictly for sporting and casual occasions

–          In analog watches, the band should be leather or made of the same metal as the case.

Match Your Shoes

When it comes to shoes, black is a much dressier color. In some cases, brown shoes might be a better choice. When matching your watch with your shoes, you should opt for a watch with interchangeable leather bands. Make sure that one watchband is black and the other is brown for variety. Here are some important details that you need to know:

–          If you cannot decide between a black and brown leather band, you should look at the color of your shoes.

–          Black leather bands are more formal than brown ones. You should wear a black leather band to a formal event.

–          Silver watches match with silver, gray, or blue shoes while gold timepieces match with tans, beiges, and browns.


The above tips will help you to match your watch with your outfit. Make sure that your watch is proportionate to your body. If you have a big body, choose a watch with a robust and boxy face; thin men can wear smaller watches.



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