5 Most strategic ways to surprise your loved one

Surprising your loved one is not the easiest thing to do as your partner knows you well, but the time and effort you put in will pay dividends as your actions show just how much you not only love them but also appreciate them and are grateful, they are in your life.  Here are five strategies you might like to try.



A bunch of pretty seasonal flowers hand-picked, or a bouquet of favorite blooms will let her know she has been in your thoughts. A scented rose bush is more long-lasting if you have a garden. If not, you can buy eternity roses by this famous brand, for a daily reminder of love. Surprise your man with flowers too, or an oak tree symbolizing strength, honor, and wisdom.



Surprise your loved one with tickets to a concert you know they will enjoy, or tickets to see their favorite band. Arrange a night at a nearby hotel to make it an extra special surprise and make all the arrangements. Alternatively, collate a playlist of their favorite music, or buy the latest album or release from the band they adore.



A romantic, candle-lit dinner at your favorite restaurant or return to the place of your first date. If the restaurant is no longer trading, create the meal at home. This is a special surprise if you do not usually cook. Dim the lights, play your favorite songs and leave all conversation about work, financial issues and concerns about family to one side as you concentrate on each other.



Daily life has us with little spare time. Surprise your loved one by telling them that you want to set aside time each night for just the two of you.  No phones. No internet. Time to connect with each other through a conversation about hopes and dreams, not just practicalities of daily living. This wish to strengthen the bond you have is a very precious gift.



If there’s a big occasion you want to celebrate, like Valentine’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary, create a memory to treasure by surprising your loved one with a treat they would never justify buying for themselves.  This could be a sky-dive, an evening class to learn another language or perhaps the two of you can take up dancing and learn the sexy lambada together.


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Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our busiest writer. She has worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007. Lola started working with us after she graduating from Central St Martins

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