YMC Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – You must Create has turned 20, though the anniversary collection itself showed an enviable amount of maturity. The designers at YMC looked back to the 1960’s, translating the psychedelic perfectly into the language of the modern man and by incorporating the nostalgic cuts of the era, the pea coats, ponchos and donkey jackets, in a relatable way.

The palette, predominantly dark, allowed for lights to shine on the luxe choices of fabric for this milestone collection, and the styling sure rendered the ensembles all the more commercially appealing. Accessorising was tame, wide brim hats, referencing Damo Suzuki, visible socks, slouching on the ankles, and long line wool scarves, tied around the neck like chokers. Reviving this folkloric tale was everything was everything but predictable.

YMC Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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Written by Joanna Uzunova

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