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Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2015 – Giant baby doll dresses, bunches of wheat amongst a wild garden, growing as it enters the runway at this year Viktor & Rolf show. A theatrical performance from start to finish on the surprisingly wider than usual, runway.

Smocking, ruffles and petticoats padded out the baby doll dresses, further increasing their presence. Strong cut out flower outlines, appliquéd and printed onto the dresses, was one of my favourite design details. Creating the illusion of flowers blooming away from the dresses as if they were amongst their natural environment.

Endless lists of colours were included this season ranging from soft blue to canary yellow. Although they all appeared as bold and bright as one another.

Each look was accessorised with thick souled flip flops, matching the floral blooms. A comfortable, practical footwear choice for the models.

Out of all of the Haute Couture shows Viktor & Rolf provided a flower bomb performance and pushed the Spring/Summer boundaries further.


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