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Victoria Beckham Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Victoria Beckham’s latest collection offers a clear departure from her usual designs, opening with a dreamy, ethereal vision of pleated satin and crushed-velvet dresses. A pleated, empire waist dress in white satin falls below the knee in the first look, belted by a matching, double-wrapped hip pouch, over grey and white mid-calf boots. A loose-fitting, crushed-velvet dress with a drop waist follows in a heathery violet. Soon after we see a dark blue look in satin, a three-piece pants and bra set completed by a sleek trench coat.

Drop waists and loose shapes, whether in a bubble skirt or the bodice of a velvet drop-waist dress, bring a novel essence of relaxation to this show. Empire waist dresses and bras that mimic the bodices seen on the dresses alternate between fitted, sleeveless tops and loose, kimono-style sleeves. These silhouettes bring to mind the 1930’s fascination with Oriental themes, relaxed shapes and new hemlines. Bright aquamarine velvet and a vibrant orange knit dress add pops of vibrancy to the otherwise demurely-colored collection, made up of crisp white, midnight blue, and rusty brown. A floral pattern of peonies graces blouses with wide sleeves, and a cross-body dress. Velvet, knit, and pleating give texture to a collection otherwise comprised of slick satin and soft linen.

The defined waists and sleek silhouettes one expects from a Victoria Beckham collection made their appearance at the end of the show in the form of a belted jumpsuit, fitted knit dresses, and a ribbed tank top with a ribbon belt. Hemlines fell to just below the knee, while necklines varied from round-neck collars to plunging bras that bared the chest. Mid-calf boots, wide-strapped cross-body bags, and leather sacks were the primary accessories for the show, with the occasional appearance of loose, slip-on flats. Dramatic eye makeup alternated with clean looks, while the models throughout wore their hair straight down, parted in the middle.

The collection overall is a romantic, ethereal vision of demure hemlines balanced by bare midriffs and plunging necklines. While a still departure in part for Beckham, the show still featured the tailored details and the occasional definitive waistlines one expects.

Victoria Beckham Woman Spring Summer 2017

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