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Victoria Beckham Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – While Victoria Beckham is often known for her popularity in dressing a-list celebrities, this collection moved away from the red carpets, and was very much focused on businesswoman-chic. In her owns words Beckham described the collection as ‘empowering,’ which seems correct if the amount of strong tailoring and power-pantsuits is anything to go by.

When Victoria wears her own collection so well, it’s hard to look at what goes down the runway without automatically imagining Victoria herself wearing it, but that isn’t a bad thing. Much of Beckham’s collection was extremely wearable, and not just for the models. With a limited colour scheme of navy, maroon, cream and camel, with flashes of bright pink and orange, the collection was classically minimalist.

Oversized culottes in block colours and trousers in gingham print were paired with sweatshirts and sheer, chiffon blouses, the common denominator, was a distinct lack of skin on show. Oversized was key, but it was artfully draped and fitted to ensure that the models wore the clothes, rather than the clothes wearing the models.

Victoria Beckham Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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