1. Versace Men Spring-Summer 2016 – 

Tapping into the ever popular pastel trend, Versace is all about purple this upcoming spring/summer. Colour blocking like a pro, each outfit uses purple hues and accents in vivid contrast to the detailed runway. From spring’s best friend -aubergine- used for sports luxe bomber jackets , trousers and Greek sandals to a softer, feminine shade of purple-pastel lilac- used for large leather handbags , socks and swimcaps that will be perfect for summer lovin’, each variation of the colour purple is synonymous with the brand’s tendency to think outside the box. Although the collection uses colours that are typically associated with femininity, Versace toughens up each outfit with well chosen accessories. These include clashing printed swim caps juxtaposed against the normative outfit , purple neckties and round lense white rimmed sunglasses creating a cool but versatile aesthetic. Overall the collection oozes confidence , charm and taps into the avant-garde trend. Move over blue because purple is the colour of the season!

Versace Men Spring-Summer 2016

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Written by Ana De Jesus

Soon gratuating in English with Education and Social Science, Ana already collaborates with a series of media platforms and publications.

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