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Vera Wang Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Dark, romantic shapes pervaded this collection from start to finish. A Victorian influence was clear, illustrated in tapering sleeves, fitted bodices and long, dramatic skirts. Not unusual for Vera Wang, the collection was mainly black with a few white looks interspersed, reinforcing the Victorian theme with a sedate tone.

Half-jackets that hooked at the front were cropped up to the rib cage and low across the chest, immediately catching the eye. The sleeves gathered and puffed at what was once the shoulder, then tapered and trailed down past the hand. Button downs with trailing sleeves and zippered, brocade jackets were paired with chic black shorts. This dropped-sleeve persisted through the collection, whether the shoulders were bared or not. Free-floating peplums drew in waists, adding flair to the silhouette. Distorted fits and playful silhouettes brought a vivacity to the somber show, in the form of exaggerated sleeves and skirts, oversized jackets and long, almost billowy skirts. Sheer dresses came through covered in pearly beads, some with an opaque bodice and peplum, others simply gauzy, dropping without shape to a dark hem.

Platformed stilettos with thick ankle straps lengthened both legs and looks, adding to the melodramatic air about the show, along with the occasional round, reflective glasses. White tank tops were worn under the cropped jackets, bursting through the black for a pop of light. Rouched chiffon dresses and skirts trailed and billowed down the runway in a smoky vision, concluding the show between long black skirts and romantic, tailored jackets. The novelty of the silhouettes presented today was exciting in its strangeness, somehow not theatrical but merely daring.

Vera Wang Woman Spring Summer 2017


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