Valentino Man Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – The show’s venue complimented the overall approach to this collection. There is a sense of composed importance and great attention to detailing. Pierpaolo Piccioli has managed to create looks that are smart but have a playful side. The collaboration with Jamie Reid is shown through the jackets and jumpers teamed with suits that had the slogan “BEAUTY IS A BIRTHRIGHT, RECLAIM YOUR HERITAGE.”  There was also the comment of “IT STARTED TO BE THE END UNTIL THE NEXT BEGINNING”.  The use of expressing statements using words on clothing reflects the impact of current political issues.

The looks experimented with combining different colours, prints and textures together. Attention paid to detailing meant that this managed to work well. A trench coat that had subtle colour blocks, stood out even more due to the use of bright orange on the collars. Dark and pastel colours were incorporated together, along with checked prints. The consistent use of caps and trainers throughout meant that the looks managed to work well together as a collection.

Valentino Man Autumn-Winter 2017-18



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Written by Nafisa Sidat

Nafisa is a Textile Designer, who has a passionate interest in art, design and fashion. She admires expression in creativity and believes in the beauty of sharing this with others.

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