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Thom Browne Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Thom Browne said penguins as one of his main influences for this show, citing them as his ‘animal of the season.’ With model penguins strewn across the ice rink runway, and models wearing ‘penguin suits’ of their own, the show looked like a high fashion take on style of The Penguin from Batman, smart suits with a slightly sinister edge.

Viewing the collection really plays with your eyes, as the lack of colour makes it seem as though you are looking at a black and white photograph. The penguin printed suits and penguin and dog shaped handbags, gave a comical edge to an otherwise serious collection. Browne subverted the classic suit through his use of the penguin patterns and different materials, such as ones made entirely of shredded materials.

Penguin print aside, Browne used golf diamond and dogtooth prints to create more serious pieces, often mixing and matching the two designs with other prints. Patchwork coats with frayed edges and vertically striped suits made up much of the monochrome portion of the collection, while multi-coloured coats with fur trim injected some much-needed colour into proceedings.

Thom Browne Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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