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Thom Browne Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Thom Browne displayed his collection at the Paris fashion Week, no wonder why it was saved until last.

Not only were the designs really interesting, but the models caught the attention of the audience too.

From the look of this, the theme of the collection must have been a zombie has the models face were painted white with black lips. This also reminded me of Frankenstein with the ripped clothes, long socks, and black bowler hats covering the models face, long pleated coats with fur a fur finish at the bottom.

The collection featured sombre colours such as grey, black and navy blue. Thom Browne featured a besuited dour duo wrenched dust pieces off regency golden frames. The collection is supposed to be a reminder of men hacking back to their youth and remembering clothing days past.

Each outfit is a trip as it unravels backwards from the dishevelled man to fresh. The designs provide amazing details on the clothes with pearls embroidered into the jackets. The models also wear black leather gloves.

Thom Browne Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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Written by Otillia Antonio

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