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Stella McCartney Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Artful business attire was at the forefront of the Stella McCartney show, redesigning the mundane with a sharp craftsmanship.

A spirited energy opened the show, displaying a collection that upheld cherished McCartney values; charming tailoring was a standout with key pieces including a straight structured shirt with a two-tone contrasting tweed pattern tucked underneath a high-waisted velvet pant, plus countryside ensembles of brown checked tweed suits and a vast array of buttoned positions. Finishing this quintessentially English collection in a look that was reminiscent of Her Majesty’s own fashion, a green quilted coat was set against boxed pants and a silk headscarf.

Ensembles that spoke to cool street fashion broke up the enterprise efficacy, turning the spotlight on a leather bomber jacket and pant suit with a slouchy urban feel, as well as a waterproof raincoat which buttoned to the collar and had a cinched waist structure. Here the more vivid colours of green and red deviated from the soft-beiges and browns that dominated the more fitted and severe pieces.

Stella McCartney Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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