Yohji Yamamoto

Spring-Summer 2015 – The S/S15 by Yohji Yamamoto evokes a gothic atmosphere. The palette is almost completely made of total back outfits, with just few drops of white, silver, gold and bordeaux. A dark femininity aroused from the clothes, recalling an imaginary of shadows and obscure presences. Make up and hairstyling emphasize that feelings, increasing the fantasy-movie look.

The collection is rich of stratified garments, that are struggling in a conflict between hardness and softness. It is a battle made of ultra light and fine laces, soft draping and wide cloths. Thin and transparent veil are combined with helmets, boxer shoes and dungarees in this intense alternation of strength and fragility.

Hair & Make up


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Written by Ilaria Lorio Albarin

Ilaria studied History of Art and Fashion Studies to explore different visual languages. The more Ilaria studied, the more she became intrigued by Fashion and all the things fashion brings together such as Art, History and Culture.

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