Spring-Summer 2015 – The Versace show started off in a diminuendo of sleek minimalistic tailoring brought to life by outsized contrasting stitching and colourful detailing and cut outs. Pencil skirts were given a seductive spin with thigh high slits and blazers were worn open with miniscule crop tops underneath combining a balance of sophisticated and sexy. Pastel blues and pinks softened up the power tailoring in between with simple shift dresses and miniskirts paired with zipped knee high boots leaning toward a sixties retro feel. It all changed towards a more futuristic route with caged boxy two piece styles and laser cut out leather. The crescendo surely came though when we saw super sparkly sequin sashes and panels decorating barely there sheer dresses in a variety of lengths and interesting colour combinations, a stark contrast to the minimalistic beginning of the she show. We were taken on a journey from simple and classic, to retro to futuristic and contemporary, an excitingly varied and innovative show.

Hair and Makeup

Hair was swept back in a sleek style and tucked behind the ears whilst the ends flowed down the models backs. Makeup was minimal and barely there.

Hair & Make up


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Written by Sarah Mcgough

Sarah is beauty and fashion writer and MUA from Scotland currently studying fashion journalism. Sarah has a true passion for the intertwining worlds of beauty and fashion.

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