Thom Browne

Spring-Summer 2015 – At what stage can fashion be said to took it too far? Well Thom Browne welcomes the notion of pushing the boundaries, with a collection that again brings the theatrical and showmanship of design usually left behind on the catwalk for the theatre, and aims at linking art with fashion.

Not content with the simple walk down a catwalk, Thom Browne had models walk around a perimeter garden filled with static models, showcasing the statuesque, billowing dresses, suits and hats that were to come.

Every look is one that takes your breath away, starting off simple with fantastically made suits and then turning into a ladies garden party in the extravagant hats – shirt hats to match outfits, dresses that swamp heads, sketchy handbags and cones – everything seems linked in its theatricality but every look is different, with extremely high quality detailing in the fabrics ranging from knit to plastic to silk.



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