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Spring-Summer 2015 – Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier’s second run at Marc Jacobs came with a flashing light spectacle of interlinked triangles, and which draws on 80s rave culture and the penchant for DIY alterations. The first look is when you are drawn to the cut in half plastic wellington boots which pop up intermittently throughout the rest of the show and gave the audience a taste of what was to come.

Translucent fabrics printed with polka dots mixed in with on point cropped jackets and festival wear led on to more classy tailored workwear with statement block colour pockets, and clothes on clothes layering of band tees cut in half and sewn to mis-matched pouffy skirts is a nod to the handmade culture of altering. Crisp shirts and life jacket backpacks, to glam heart bustier dresses over t-shirts, there was something for everyone and the paradoxical disconnectedness that then led to a joyous cohesiveness by the final bow, showed that the pair of designers know exactly what they are doing.


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