Elie Saab

Spring-Summer 2015 – The S/S15 by Elie Saab is colourful and captivating. Vivid and intense colours build a palette based on black and white contrasts; bright blue and lively juxtapositions of different tones create animated combinations of lights and shadows.

Solid colours are put together with black and white stripes, elaborate prints and geometric motifs that frame the garments, shaping the body and its movements. Detailed and sparkling macramé characterize the eveningwear, which celebrates a soft grace.

Feminine and sensual silhouettes are underlined thanks to structured skirts, deep v-necklines and shaped tops. Transparent brocades enrich the collection and lacy fabrics add a specific energy also to the more clean tailored garments, giving a further strength to the trendy attitude of Elie Saab’s collection.


Hair & Make up


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Written by Ilaria Lorio Albarin

Ilaria studied History of Art and Fashion Studies to explore different visual languages. The more Ilaria studied, the more she became intrigued by Fashion and all the things fashion brings together such as Art, History and Culture.

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