Dolce & Gabbana

Spring-Summer 2015 – “More is more” was the motto at Dolce & Gabbana, with ornate brocade designs, jewelled heels and flowers and crowns worn in the models hair.

Strength sexiness and passion exuded from the collection taking inspiration from Spanish and Italian historic connections. Matador like jackets paired with matching shorts and waistcoats were masculine and feminine all at once. Lace trouser suits were cinched in at the waist with toreador inspired belts. Heavily bejewelled bodices over heavy lace continued the opulent feel throughout in lavish shades of gold and red. The collection was a welcome contrast to the prevalent bohemian trend that was seen throughout Milan Fashion Week. Flounced skirts in polka dot print gave the impression of Spanish dancers mixed with typical Italian lace and tailoring leant to a match made in fashion heaven.

The shows finale was a force of luxuriousness to be reckoned with made up of sixty five identical models. Dressed in ornate crimson, satin high waisted shorts that were heavily embellished and paired with tuxedo like dress shirts was a stunning mix of simple and showy.

Hair and Makeup.

Hair was decorated heavily with sumptuous red roses, crowns and tiaras. A deep crimson lip and polished skin paired with defined eyes was a seductive look that complimented the decadent feel of the entire show.


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Written by Sarah Mcgough

Sarah is beauty and fashion writer and MUA from Scotland currently studying fashion journalism. Sarah has a true passion for the intertwining worlds of beauty and fashion.

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