Diane von Furstemberg

Spring-Summer 2015 – In keeping with her style, Diane von Furstenberg kept the silhouettes and cut of the garments fairly similar, but where it deviated was in the pattern and print. A departure from last summer’s “Oasis” theme, there was a cornerstone which DVF turned to for practically every look: gingham.

With a few models creating a distinct Brigitte Bardot vibe, gingham was used primarily in black and white to accent crop tops, midi skirts, a reworking of the wrap dress and wrapped the top of bags in order to cohesively link the collection.

Things we have been seeing the past couple of days at fashion week cropped up again here, with distinctive illustrated prints in garish colours printed onto dresses, and graffiti splashes of bright colour. High waists and co-ordinating jacket and skirt combinations led on to models becoming enveloped in cascading chiffon printed in fairly cliché neon bright florals.


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