Spring-Summer 2015 – Opening with the famous Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, the show romps from bright print to bright print, along with what seems to be models that are genuinely happy to be there.

The one element linking it all together is flowers, from large ones encompassing maxi skirts, to dainty white flowers skirting along a hem of a mini skirt, to the repeat use to create almost ceramic-like prints on skin-tight dresses, flowers are everywhere – and even precariously balancing atop each of the models’ heads.

Every colour is represented in the diverse range of maxi skirts, tunics, mini skirts, blazers and linen trousers, with loud, sweeping silhouettes emblazoned in the artfully placed prints.

Ending with the models cheerfully throwing confetti onto the crowd, it shows that it is nearly impossible to describe the kaleidoscope of print, pattern and colour that Desigual create.



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